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“Thanks for the servicing our lawn. Our lawn is looking awesome!!”

Mary Lou and Jim Garza – San Antonio, TX

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“The city was coming around to pick up brush and I was in a pinch to get the work done. Chris came to save the day, not only did he do a fabulous job, he sent me pictures the entire time and explained what he was doing. He also trimmed up a few bushes in the back that where not discussed. The best part was the clean up, Chris left my front & back yards spotless. And of course his prices were very reasonable and fair. VERY SATISFIED Top Notch Customer!!!”

Marion Alonso Garner – San Antonio, TX

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Top Notch Arbor Care Services

Tree Trimming

5Trees provide many numerous benefits including cleaner air, shade from the sun, protection from harsh winds and increased property value. Poorly maintained trees, however, can become a significant liability. Our tree trimming services will help reduce the risk of diseased, broken or dead branches from causing damage to your home as well as ensure the health and appearance of the trees on your property. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • Tree cutting, pruning and care
  • Ball moss removal
  • Canopy raising
  • Roofline clearing
  • Growth cuts
  • Dead limb removal
  • 24 hour storm damage removal

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Tree Removal
Tree Removal San Antonio

Tree removal is important if the tree appears to be dead or dying, is a risk to your property or has been damaged beyond repair due to inclement weather, insect infestation or disease. Removing a tree is best left to a certified arborist. Our tree removal service safely removes the tree without compromising the safety or appearance of your property or home. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • Dead limb removal
  • Debris removal
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • 24 hour emergency tree services
  • Lot/land clearing

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landscapedesignA well-designed landscape does more than improve the appearance of your property. It also adds 20% value to your home, helps homeowners save up to 25% in heating and cooling costs and improves the environment. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • Xeriscaping
  • Hardscapes
  • Bed border installation
  • Weed barrier/liner installation
  • Bedding material installation (i.e. mulch, rock, etc.)
  • Plant installation
  • Custom flagstone, brick and masonry
  • Custom stone or brick planter boxes
  • Paver stones and tree rings
  • Water features including ponds and waterfalls
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Outdoor accent lighting
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Deck and pergola construction

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Landscape Design
San Antonio Landscape DesignGot an idea for your garden but don’t know where to start? Our landscape design specialists are specifically trained in knowing the exact types of plants and trees that blossom in the San Antonio area. Let us help guide you in creating a beautiful landscape layout with beautiful plants, shrubs, bushes and trees that will not only bring lasting value and beauty but create a design that best complements your home.

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Landscaping Beds
Landscaping BedsWe custom build landscaping beds to match your house design and style. We use 6″x6″ rebar enforced footing for a solid foundation. Stone wall, brick capping and Solar lighting are the final touches to make your yard and home stand out.



Landscaping Beds 2

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Lawn Maintenance
San Antonio Lawn MaintanceGrass growing too quickly or not at all? Don’t get frustrated. Our lawn maintenance specialists will help ensure your lawn receives the special care and attention it needs. Ongoing lawn maintenance helps protect your lawn from unpredictable climate changes as well as fights against common culprits like weeds and insects. Proper maintenance also helps ensure that water, fertilizer and nutrients properly penetrate your lawn, reducing the need of constant watering. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • Basic and/or extensive lawn care packages including mowing, trimming, weeding, spermicide, irrigation, aeration, fertilization
  • Seasonal services including color enhancement, re-sodding, re-mulching,

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Sod Installation
Sod Installation San AntonioLawn looking a little lackluster? Don’t waste your time and money with the do-it-yourself route. The quickest way to revitalize your lawn is with professional sod installation. When properly installed, you will have a luscious lawn to brag about to all your family and friends in no time without any hassle or waste. Sod installation can occur at any time of the year and requires the professional know-how to get it done right. Let us help you bring life back to your lawn.

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Stump Removal
San Antonio Stump RemovalTree stumps are more than just an eye sore, they can become a safety hazard. Stump removal is an exact science and our trained property maintenance specialists know the correct formula to get that stubborn stump off your lawn. Whether the stump is small or large, old or new, we can handle it.

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Power Washing
San Antonio Power WashingMaybe your house is looking a little worse for wear. Power washing (or pressure washing) is a great way to eliminate years of dust, dirt and grime off your deck, driveway or home and help bring back its original beauty. Examples of our services include:

  • 24-hour service
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Walkway cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • House washing
  • Brick cleaning
  • Vinyl siding
  • Flagstone
  • Garage cleaning
  • Oil stain removal
  • Rust removal
  • Hard water stain removal

Go ahead, leave the pressure on us. We can handle it.

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Fencing And Decks
Fences and Decks San AntonioEnhance the beauty of your outdoor space with the addition of a fence or deck. A fence will help protect your home and property from the elements as well as unwanted visitors, like wildlife and criminals, as well as add more privacy for you and your family. Adding a deck expands your entertaining space, increases the value of your property and adds an aesthetic appeal to your home. Both require a large amount of materials and labor to create. Let our trained property maintenance specialists help create the deck or fence of your dreams.

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We install custom flagstone walkways and patios. Add that special touch to your walkways, porch and patio.

Flagstone 4

flagstone 2 Flagstone 3Flagstone

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Gutter Cleaning
Clean Gutters in San AntonioDon’t wait until an impending storm to worry about your gutters. Clean gutters not only helps mitigate the flow of water around your property, it also prevents premature decay, keeps unwelcomed visitors from nesting around your home and averts serious damage that may be caused by clogged gutters, like leaky roofs, foundation damage and mold growth. Examples of our services include:

  • Leaf/debris removal
  • Joint leak repair
  • Installation of gutter leaf guards
  • Gutter level adjustment
  • Loose fastener replacement

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Land Clearing
Land Clearing In San AntonioWhether you are looking to build a new home/business, add an addition to your home/business, clear land to add more useable space to your yard or reduce the risk of wildfire, our land clearing service will help you reach your goal. Examples of our services include:

  • Land/lot clearing
  • Debris removal
  • Stump removal
  • Cedar clearing
  • Mesquite clearing
  • Brush/underbrush clearing
  • Fence lines
  • Hauling/demolition
  • Direct tree grinding

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Flagpole Installation
60-ft-flag-poles-san-antonioWe offers complete flagpole sales, installation and repair services in San Antonio TX.  Select  Flagpole from our inventory and we will install it for you.  Did you buy a flagpole from someone else and need it installed?  No problem, give us a call and we can quote installing it for you.

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Top Notch Arbor Care

As our name suggests, Top Notch Arbor Care provides top notch service and care for all of your property maintenance needs. Our certified arborists and property maintenance technicians are trained in the care of individual trees and are highly skilled in a variety of services including landscape design, tree trimming and/or removal, lawn maintenance and sod installation. We are committed to provide exceptional, cost-effective property maintenance service to residential and small business owners throughout San Antonio, TX.

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“Chris and his team are truly Top Notch! They did an excellent job of restoration in our backyard that has been easy to maintain! They zero scaped a portion of our front yard and created some eye catching flower beds! Any work they’ve done is always impressive and professional! I highly recommend them!”

 Jorge Gallegos – San Antonio, TX

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“5 STARS for TOP NOTCH. A terrible storm here in SA broke a huge limb from my beautiful 35 year old Mountain Laurel. Unluckily it was snapped at ground level and took 1/2 the tree. I was sick about it & told a friend, who suggested I call Chris right away. He saved it with a homemade poultice and belting system– and took the time to check on it regularly. HE SAVED IT & was so reasonable. Just would never trust anyone but him with my trees. NEVER!”

Marcy Roberts Branson – Helotes, TX

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I’ve been dealing with Top Notch Arbor Care for some time now and I must say that dealing with them has been a pleasure. I trust them to maintain my property and keep my lawn looking great and they do an amazing job. Top Notch Arbor Care always arrives when they say they will, which is before we open as to not interfere my business, and always cleans after themselves. It’s always nice arriving to my business to see a freshly cut lawn completely edged and no signs of grass clipping on any of the walkways. In a rating from 1 – 10, Top Notch Arbor Care gets a big 10.

Joey – Chunky’s Burgers & More, San Antonio, TX

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“Neighbor behind me had her trees trimmed. They did a hack job as I looked at mine beautifully done by you. No trimming from under the canopy did they do and they hacked branches off in the middle of the tree. On one of big beautiful ones it’s bald one side. I told about you a dozen times. Her mistake.

Barbara Martino – San Antonio, T

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Don’t make the same mistake as Barbara’s neighbor!  🙂

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